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1998 corvette headlights will not close

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Hi all,
My 1998 corvette headlights will not close. I have checked the fuses 8,9 and 10. No luck. This morning I noticed that I also don’t have dash lights. But cruise control still works.I cleaned the 2 grounds and replaced the 3 fuses. Where should I check next?
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If you are having problems with a missing ground at the motor connectors and you have tried 2 controllers you could verify the integrity of that ground and make sure that pin D in connector C2 hasn't expanded.
I am doing a complete rewiring of an 84 for racing purposes but the class requires the headlights to function as it normally would in a stock/street scenario. We swapped out the original three wire motors to the later two wire in addition to replacing the three relay bank with the later controller found in a junk yard. I have also attached a screen cap of the new wiring schematics as installed now.
The entire dash has been replaced with a formed sheet metal replica and the original digital dash has been removed and replaced with analog gauges and all Honeywell NT MIL-SPEC style toggles.

The doors will open but they will not close and I suspect the control module as all the input voltages and switching are correct as per the factory schematic but it is the outputs from the four pin connector to the motors that I see what I consider a problem. When I have the switch in one position or the other, one of the wires for each motor shows a solid 12VDC but the other one shows a voltage of about 11.4VDC and I was expecting to see 0.

To me it seems the internal solid state coil/switch is not functioning correctly. We did have another controller bought at the same time from the same yard and it does exactly the same.

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