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20% off our last couple set of C6 Z06 Carbotech Bobcat Street Pads!

While supplies last, we're blowing out our remaining stock of C6 Z06-specific Carbotech Bobcat (compound 1521) pads. These are low dust pads that stop your car very well and save you from having to clean the wheels as often.

The Bobcat is known for its awesome release and modulation, along with unmatched rotor friendliness and very low dust output. Like our AX & XP line of compounds, Bobcat is a Ceramic based material offering minimal rotor damage and non corrosive dust. Bobcat offers outstanding performance, even when cold, low dusting and low noise with an excellent initial bite. This compound’s virtually perfect linear torque production provides incredible braking force without ABS intervention.

The promo code for this offer is TWUNNY. Offer ends when we run out of stock and is only good on the Bobcat (street) compound and not race compounds.

Click below to order.


Carbotech C6 Z06 Bobcat Street Brake Pads


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