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20% off our last few Bi-Mode exhaust controller kits!

The promo code for this offer is TWUNNY. Offer ends when we run out of stock.

This kit is designed to permit instant manual bypass of the two exhaust valve butterfly valves present in the Z06 muffler or bi-mode (NPP factory option) exhausts, giving you full control of maximum exhaust flow. This kit is a plug-and-play design which should take the average person around 20 minutes to install. We offer two versions - one with a switch plate for mounting in the cabin (replaces your factory panel), and one without a switch plate, if you prefer to hide the switch somewhere.

There are no wires to cut, and no electrical skills are necessary to install this system. The included switch has a small logo identifying your four exhaust tips. When you press the switch to the position of the white dot, the exhaust butterfly valves open and remain on manual override until the switch is returned to the normal position.

Click below to order.


Bi-mode Exhaust Controller Kit for C6 Corvette


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