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2001 LS1 Engine Oil Burning Problems?

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I was just thinking about this the other night. I got my wife a 2001 Z28 a couple years back and she was burning oil. My local dealer said that there was a recall on the rings and basically rebuilt the engine. Does anyone know if all vehicles with LS1 engines potentially had this problem (including vettes) or was it strictly f-bodies?

The reason I ask, the corvette I'm looking at purchasing has tail pipes that are extremely dirty. Granted the whole car was dirty and it could be that he just hasn't cleaned them. But it'd be nice to hear if anyone has taken their car in to be serviced for that.

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The 01 and 02 LS1's are the same for the f-body and corvette. Minor details on the accesories like the throttle body. Corvette is electronic and the f-body manual.
The later 2001's were corrected at the factory. Mine was built in January '01 and luckily it has had no problems. I wish I could tell you exactly when the cutoff was, but maybe someone else has that info.:cheers:
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