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I might sell my Black 2004 Z06 with only 14,000 miles. I have until 15 May to buy the GM extended warranty for $1,800.00. It's an additional 30,000 miles or 3 more years.

Can anyone tell me what the car is worth? I'm not thrilled about the idea of selling it, but my business needs a truck and the Corvette might have to go.

The car has always been garaged, no accident, non-smoker, with the red interior. We lowered the car 1.5" in the rear and 1" in the front, and tinted the windows. Other than a few very small light scratches from god knows what, the car is mint. I do plan on buying another Z06, but hopefully a 2007, in a year or so.

The car needs no introduction. If you are reading this ad, you know what it is.

Thanks in advance.

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$36,825 from NADA.
$40,925 RETAIL- $38,070 Private Party from Kelly Blue Book.
$36,526 RETAIL- $33,983 Private Party from Edmunds.

All were figured with 14k miles in perfect condition.

Personaly, my bank has always been closer to NADA on values, so thats the one I lean towards.:thumbsup:
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