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This "Does it really warrant a next gen" crap is getting too old for me to be patient with. First, the Gen #s are assigned by GM. It's their car, their gen decision. Second, there is no logic in gen # assignment so stop trying to find it.

IF the logic was body change, the Gens would follow something like this (open to some individual interpretation of course):
53-55 Gen I
56-60 Gen II (some would want to change gen with quad HL)
61-62 Gen III
63-67 Gen IV
68-73 Gen V (some argument here, no doubt)
74-77 Gen VI
78-82 Gen VII (another argument here probably)
84-90 Gen VII
91-96 Gen VIII
97-04 Gen IX
05- Gen X

If the logic was chassis changes, the Gens would follow something like this:
53-62 Gen I
63-82 Gen II
84-96 Gen III
97-04 Gen IV
05- Gen V (Folks the chassis is DIFFERENT!!!)

If the logic was most significant engine changes (dito interpretation):
53-54 Gen I
55-65 Gen II (V8 small block)
65-74 Gen III (Big block era)
75-82 Gen IV (Fed restriction years - smog / economy)
84-88 Gen V (L98 era)
89-95 Gen VI (ZR-1 era)
96 Gen VII (LT4)
97-00 Gen VIII (LS1 era)
01-04 Gen IX (LS6 era)
05 Gen X (LS2)
06- Gen XI (LS7 era)

To me the above proves there is NO logic to the vette generations. Even if you disagree with some of the finer points above, surely you see that GM calls it what ever they want. By the way in all three scenarios, the 2005 vette is different enough from the 04 to move up a generation. If you disagree, let's discuss.
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