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Since it seems that 2004 is the last year for the C5, it appears that it surprisingly did not live too long, only 8 years compared to 13 years of the C4 and 16 years of the C3, although the C5 has such a great success in record sales, after all they call it “the Best VETT Yet”. What crossed my mind is that since the spy pictures seem to look remarkably similar to the C5, my guess is that in 2005 the CORVETTE is only getting a face-lift not a new generation, a C5.5 it makes sense because since its debut in 1997 the exterior and the interior of the car did not change a bit so it is definitely about time for some new features just like we experienced in the past generations, for example look at a 1984 C4 and a 1996 C4 the difference is huge, or a 1968 C3 and a 1982 C3 est.

C1 1953-1962 (10 years)
C2 1963-1967 (5 years)
C31968-1982 (16 years)
C4 1984-1996 (13 years)
C5 1997-2004 (8 years?????)
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