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Question for those who might know the answer. I just had 4 new Michelin PS2 mounted and balanced on my 2005 Z51. I immediately had the dealer do a 4 wheel alignment with the following results:
Front Caster: L 7.4, R 7.4
Front Camber: L -0.7, R -0.8
Front Toe: L .05, R .00

Rear Camber: L -0.2, R -0.3
Rear Toe : L 0.25, R -0.20

So, on my trip to the C5/C6 Bash at the Corvette Museum this weeken, I noticed that the car does not want to hold the line in a sweeping curve. It wants to drift to the outside. Not good when your passing a semi-truck at 70 or 80 mph. What would be the fix? Do I need more toe out? Right now I have no toe on the right and slight toe in on the left. Also, would it benefit with more negative camber in the front? I don't track the car and would like to have minimal tire wear but this floating to the outside on curves has got to stop! I have searched and found the Factory Specs for 2005 Z51 but the range is SOOOO broad. I am within range on factory specs except for the rear toe, Left is Positive and Right is Negative.
Need HELP! Thanks!

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I have an 08 model and I have found that the following have been most suitable from a wear and tear perspective - according to my driving style.

Toe: 0 for front and rear.
Camber: -0.5°
Caster: within OEM specs.

These settings have given me the most even wear pattern - provided tire pressure is correct.


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