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Bad news right up front: the Z06 will be a 2023 model. Blame COVID.

On the heels of the shortened 2021 production year announcement (Blame COVID), the Corvette Gurus have announced some 2022 details:

1.The new colors will be officially named: Hypersonic Gray, Caffeine, and Amplified Orange Tintcoat.
2. Non-Z51 cars will now have access to the following OPTIONS: the low-profile rear spoiler, a 'sportier' front splitter, and Magnetic Ride Control.
3. The LT2 (yes they do not appear to be assigning a new number-name so label this, IMO, as "minor refinements") will get "... upgraded direct injection fuel system and improved engine calibration. " OK. Where's the beef? No change in HP or Tq numbers, but the cylinder deactivation calibrations have been changed in such a way that there should, ultimately, be an improvement in MPG while delivering 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. Yes, "should" because the USA MPG Gods have not yet certified what the GM engineers think they already know but won't commit to.
4. Pricing starts at $62,195 for the coupe and $69,695 for the convertible.


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