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255-60-15 versus 225-70-15

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I am about to change tires on a 77 Big Block 454 that is new to me. Plan to use BFG Radials either way.

Assume the 255-16 will fit. I have another 77 and they do fit that.

It will never race on a track.

Plan to use it for weekend and evening drives in the country mostly, some highway.

Hope to get out of them best ride and quiet ride first then looks.

I understand the need for more rubber on the road for more traction, etc.. on take off but is this needed for my application? This car easily smokes the tires and I may do that on occasion intentionally, the 225 would be better it seems to break away sooner and give me smoke and sound before breaking something else..

Will the 225 have a better ride for mild driving / highway cruising? Less noise?

The 225-70-15 with my stock aluminum wheels will fit the wheelwell as intended as this was the stock tire size. So maybe better looks?

Leaning toward the 225-70.

Help me decide.
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In general, I would expect the 70 series tires to have a better ride than the 60 series. If ride is the paramount factor, then go with the 70's.

New tires

I'm looking to get some new tires for my 80 vette this summer. I have Firestone firehawk SS (OWL) 225/70/15 tires on there now. They could be 20 years old for all I know, but I really like the way they look, feel, and perform. Does any one know when they stopped making this tire? Also, now that I will replace these, I'm looking to go with the more modern lower profile look. My thought is that the 255/60/15 tire would do this job. Is 255/60/15 tire going to cause problems with the speedometer, or does it somehow give you the same diameter as the 225/70/15? Another question is, will this leave a big open area in my wheel well? Finally is the 255 much wider than the 225, and will it increase the performance? Comfort is not an issue, as the Chevrolet Corvette was not built for comfort. Any advice would be very helpful. If anyone has any pics of their C3 with the 255/60/15 It would be cool to see how it looks.
Thank you.
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Both sizes have about the same diameter so the effect on your speedo should be almost nill. 27.1 inches for the 255/60/15's and 27.2 for the 225/70/15's. I have 255/60/15's on the 69. They fit great and provide a little more meat on the pavement than the the 225/70's. 7 " tread width vs 8.2" for the 255/60's. It's all a matter of personal choice.

Thanks man, that is some great info. I thought the the 255/60/15 would have a significantly less diameter. When I see them, they look to have much less profile than the 70 series. I do like the fact that you get 8.2" width as oppossed to the 7". What brand of 255/60/15 are you rolling? RWL, OWL,or blackwall? Do you have any pics of them on your 69 ?
Thanks again man.
I have 255/60-15's on my 74. I still have a very nice ride and the extra width adds to the appearance in my opinion. Both tires as stated above are basicly the same diameter wise. I have no rubbing issues with the 255's at all. Just my 2 cents worth..... I like the 255's but everyone has to make there own choice, both will be great on your car. Feel free to trake a look at the pics of my 74 to see what 255 will look like with stock fenders and ride height/suspension. :thumbsup:

Hey thanx. Those are some nice tires. I'm hoping to get some goodyears' myself. They Look awsome on your car. Did those come on the car when you got it?
Yes, those rims and tires were on the car when I got it last November. I do intend on replacing the wheel/tire package at some point. I want to step up to 17" rims and a higher performance tire to go along with it. Right now its just a matter our 2 week vacation to Florida then Virginia beech thats stopping me. Next spring I am sure I will have them.
I have a 69 400hp convt. that had 60 series tires on it when I purchased it. (BFG) It rode and handled like crap! I replaced the tires with 225 70 15 Goodyear GT II s. It now rides smooth and handles like it is on rails. IMHO our model year vetts were not designed to run 60 series tires. For what you described as a non racer I would stay as close to stock dia. as possible in the 70 series and look for a sticky tred compound for traction. With 800hp anything shy of a slick is a moot point. Good luck and have fun smokin um. Dave:thumbsup: PS, re-read your post and you stated a good point that tire smoke is cheaper than driveline parts. :agree:
Still Confused

I joined this site after reading the discussions on tire size for the C3, but only getting more confused. I have been running 255/60-15's on my 69, and although I have been happy with the way the tires perform, they are dangerously close to my rear spring. In addition, the parking brake cable wants to press against the inner sidewall, and I'm not crazy about that.

I am willing to go back down in size to the 70's, but if I am going to give up contact area, can I make up with it in tire stickyness? There's not too many choices in the 70's series, I am sure you all know. What about the new Goodyear Eagle RS-A? Does anyone know about this tire, aside from the fact that it is expensive? I like the BFG tires for rubber compound and pattern, but of course they don't come in a 70.
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BFG radials

Silverlake, I do think the BFG radial comes in 225/70/15. You can take a look at Discount Tire ( or They should have them, and most likley in stock as they are a very popular tire for muscle cars, Vettes and light trucks. Forgive me if I'm wrong about this, but since you do like these BFG's, then I would hate to see you miss out on a chance to own a set.
70 series tire

I should have said that the stickier tires, like the g-force series, don't come in a 70. I know the radial does, and I am not unhappy to settle for that tire, but as probably most C3 owners I am looking for alternate choices. What's your opinion on a 60 vs. a stickier 70 for good road handling?

Oh the g-force. Okay I thought.... The g-force looks nice and aggressive. I'm with you on that tire, although it got many bad reviews. Well..., I have Firestone Firehawk SS tires on my Vette now, and they are still in fair condition with the exception that they are nearly as old as the car! My Firehawks are 70 series, look, ride, and handle very well. I was thinking of going to a 60 series tire for the lower profile look, but in the same instance I'm worried about the tire not filling the wheel well correctly. With the 70 series it has a pefect fit and look. I cannot find a 70 series tire that I like as much as these Firehawks (Not a fan of the Indy 500's). The BFG radials are to ordinary for my liking. I like the idea of having a wider tire, which would mean more traction and agressive look, but at the same time more friction, resistance, and even worse gas mileage. Another factor for me is that I wan't an American brand for my American classic, so I'm even more limited. Even now Firestone is owned by the Japaneese (You know I would not be surprised if Goodyear was also Japaneese and no one has told me yet:thud: ) . Pesonally I will probably stick with the 225/70/15 size if I can find something out there I like, mostly because that is what came on this car new, and has given me no troubles at all. I probably will go Goodyear when the time comes. (They are still American..... right?:lookinup: ) Let me know if you have anymore thoughts about this.
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sticking with a 70

Do you know anything about the Goodyear Eagle RS-A? It has a higher speed rating, as well as a price about $50 more per tire than the BFG Radial T/A. If its a stickier compound, it might be worth trying.
The RS-A I've heard of it but, no I don't know anything about that tire. What is the speed rating on that? 60 or 70 series? Black wall or raised white letters? price? vendor? I would be interested in checking it out. I was thinking about the GTII if I could get in 70 series. Any info would be great.

What I know about those tires is that you can get them in both 70 and 60 series, and that they are rated at 150mph roughly. Unfortunatly, they don't come in RWL, and the prices I've seen are between $127-$137. I am not convinced they are worth the extra money by simply reading Goodyears copy, but I am curious.

That does seem a bit pricey. I read about 60 user reviews of them, mostly bad, with weak sidewalls that crack within 10,000 miles of new. I'm not sure if I would want that tire on my car, but who knows maybe its a great tire and these people are just pesimists:lookinup: I don't think its worth that extra money, as it comes OEM on a lot economy cars. That GTII still looks like the best bet for the money. Do you have any experince with those tires? By the way, that is a really nice red 69 you've got there. You've got 2 different types of tires on there now, are they all the same size?
Oh, the tires.

Thanks for your compliment on my car, and actually thanks for noticing the tires. Those are mutt tires that came with the car when I bought it, and I hadn't wanted to change them till after I had some work done on the car. They're not bad actually, by a company that I don't think is around any more, Pos-a-traction 255/60-15's on front and the same size Summit radials on the rear. I really like the size, they really grip the road nicely, but they are not a matching set, and my mechanic wouldn't attach my emergency brake cable on the rear because of the clearance problem. Unfortunatly though I still remain torn on the 70 vs. 60 issue. I guess I will just have to commit to one and then let you know how it goes.
It's hard to find speed rated 15" tires rated H or above.

A while back the Tire Rack had some H rated, summer only, black walls in 225/70. Price was right. They may have some left. I am runnig them, but only have about 500 miles on them. So far, all is well.
sticky 15's

Larry, I will check with them. In the mean time, the shop that does work for me in LA recommended I try the 245/60-15's. They say that they have had the best success on clearance with those tires. Since the BFG's are pretty resonable, I guess I can start with those. I was thinking that later I can get a set of Torque Thurst rims, and try to mount something more interesting on those.
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