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3 kills in 1 day,boxter,1100cc,g35!

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first dont get all excited the 1100was a chopper but it did feel good,i even got him out of the whole, the boxter was from like a 20 role and was no comp,must have beat him by 6 or 7 lengths,and the g35 was my fav.(story time) Ok about 4 months after i got my car i took it to the car show where some friends hang out and i had a dirt bag friend who bust balls all the time so i told him lets race,well long story short he beat me by like 20 lengths cuz a damaged tranns,though out the months the cars had non stop issues like having to rebould tranns,motor(which i built up to a stout 355) and rear end (which i also added gears to) and finally got it runnin this weekend,so im enjoying my new beast after killing 2 unsuspecting fools and here comes the g35 at a red light(the longest one ever if i may add) and he said u finnally got that piece of sh*t runnin,wonna lose another race, at this time i cant wait to smoke him so light turns green and he's off while my cars spinning till 4 grand then hooks,at this point he's ahead by 2 cars and i flew past him like he was goin in reverse,i must have had him by 10 cars,and he's such a good sport that after the race he was no where to be found!:partyon:
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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