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I'm finding something out about 4 hole spacers. I have one and it does boost the low end torque a bit, and it does reduce the top end, just as every body says.

I think I know why. It's commonly recognized that a long runner with clean radii makes for the best flow and torque.

Well, the spacer does add to runner length, but.......the sharp break at the bottom of the spacer to the plennum, acts as a restriction of sorts. The vacumm pull and flow is simply not clean.

To make these things perform better, the holes path should be worked at a transistional angle to meet the plennum wall, there by still having the added length with out the restrictive 90 degree edge the flow has to work around.

To do this correctly, the primary and secondary throtle holes have to be connected, and the "walls" below blended into the plennum wall.
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