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Been running this adaptor bracket since it became available. much better design then the one I had been running (swapped out the doug nash for a t5 back in 2004 and had made a bracket myself originally) only issue I have is shifter rise where I have cracked a couple center console covers over the years.

The guy down in Ohio making them was great to deal with. even sat mine outside so I could run down and pick it up on a saturday. Still remember that day lol got caught in a nasty thunderstorm coming back on my bike.

Anyone ever figure out the shifter rise thing

also my shift lever was done slightly different. the t5 shifter shaft was threaded to have the relocating bar slip over and lock in place with a nut
ignore the rust lol its all since been repainted. took pic when installing tbe new shifter boot View attachment 104209
View attachment 104209 View attachment 104210
That is why I decided to get another Corvette but this time C8.
Good work! (y)(y)(y)

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I've been working on the R&D on 5 speed "T5" swaps in C4 corvettes for a few months now, and working with a company called Pro Street Customs who has designed a CBEAM adapter bracket based on my specifications. This bracket will be available by the end of next week for purchase for about $175 / shipped.

The specifics are:

1) A T5 transmission uses the same 4+3 bellhousing/clutch/driveshaft
2) A T5 bolted to a 4+3 bellhousing is the same length as a 700R4, making auto-stick swaps cost effective now
3) You do not need to modify the CBEAM, just use the adapter
4) The shifter can be modified to be offset and line up with the shifter plate
5) T5 transmissions average used cost is about $250

I've been working on a writeup for the swap. Some of the part #'s listed in the writeup are wrong, but within about a week or so the writeup will be 100% correct.

1984-1988 Corvette C4 T5 Swap

Any questions?

-- Joe
Very nice work brother!
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