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There ya go, folks

New for 2008

* All-new LS3 6.2L V-8 engine for Coupe and Convertible:
* 430 hp (321 kW)*
* 424 lb.-ft. of torque (575 Nm)*
* 436 hp / 428 lb.-ft. (325 kW / 580 Nm)* with new, optional dual-mode exhaust system

* High-flow cylinder heads
* Enhanced valvetrain
* High-flow intake manifold
* Larger-bore block with structural enhancements
* Improved manual transmission shift effort
* Quicker shift times on paddle-shift six-speed automatic
* 2.73 performance axle ratio available with six-speed paddle shift; included with Z51 package
* Improved steering feel
* Standard split-spoke cast aluminum wheel design for Coupe and Convertible (Competition Gray finish optional)
* Available polished forged aluminum wheel design
* New Keyless Access remote key fob with integrated key
* Interior trim enhancements for all models, including wrapped center trim plate with Cyber pattern and new, brushed aluminum accents
* Custom Leather-Wrapped Interior Package available for all models in exclusive, new Linen and Sienna colors
* New sill plates
* iPod/MP3 jack included on all sound systems except navigation (Personal Audio Link available as accessory for navigation system)
* OnStar and XM Satellite Radio standard on all models
* Auto-dimming mirrors with compass standard on all models
* Two new premium exterior colors: Jetstream Blue Metallic Tintcoat and Crystal Red Metallic Tintcoat

PLUS, They list the new top speed at 190 MPH and claim a 0-60 time for the automatic at 4.3 seconds!

Also, the LS7 will remain at 505 HP

Much much more in that article too :thumbsup:

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It doesn't mention that the Ls3 is vvt. Did i miss what was already known?
yes i believe so....we dont expect to see that incorporated til 2009 at least

and as far as the dual-mode exhaust goes....all i can say is i definitely wont be needing it....aftermarket is the way for me!

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Thats an awesome motor! Wheres' GM performance crate motor?

When the time comes I'd like to drop that warrantied motor in my car.

Thats a perfect motor...IMO..

Slap it in the c5 with headers and call it a day.

Any word on the cost of the crate motor? That would be awesome.

I think the ls6 was 5500 plus installation.

I'd imagine the ls3 should be the same...

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thats great for 2008 on stock vette but I rather wait for Z06 2010 bigger hp for sure and super charged you will see just wait:partyon:
good luck to anyone trying to get that to hook up on the street....i know it is frowned upon but 99% of the racing i do is on the street

so what is the point of all that horsepower if you are a street racer and all you do is lose traction at all speeds?

not to mention the look on a the guy's face who just bought a SS corvette after i beat him in my h/c/i LS3 will be priceless....traction is everything and with the supercharger on the future SS being a "roots" blower which produce alot of low end torque will certainly have traction problems

but you would only have to worry about this is "IF" you street race :thumbsup:
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