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I racked up about 300 miles since the 6 link was complete...



Nothing has fallen of... nothing has come loose!! :thumbsup:
The suspension compliance is fairly amazing compared to the original 30+ year old stuff.
I drove the beast to work last week twice. The 6 speed really gives me some long legs. Cruzin at 75 MPH and loafing along :)

I set off a bunch of Car alarms in the parking lot at work
:devil: :devil: :rolling: :rolling:


Added a set of VB&P diff crossmember stifferners


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Awrite, good news, especially about the car alarms.....

did you get one of the Kia's to break a radiator yet???

you know, piss all over the floor in fright??:rolling: :devil: :rolling:

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Collected another 100 miles....

a jam nut on the pass side upper link was starting to loosen up.. Re-torked..

Gave all the u joints two pumps of grease along with the half shaft slipper joints and the trailing arm pivots. All is good...

Oh I put a turn and a half more preload on the rear spring as I had it a bit to soft.

Cleared out the cobwebs as I ran it thought first 4 gears to redline... not floored just briskly...

1st was 50...
2nd was 75...
3rd was 100...
4th was 130ish then I backed off... shifted to 6th and let it burble down the road at 75... 2250 or so... very pleasant

5th would yield 157 and 6th should yield 195ish this thing has some long legs...

Had the opportunity to drop the clutch on warm tires... not hard, just with authority....

This netted a pair of 325 size black stripes for as long as I wanted to feather the throttle...

:devil: :devil: ;)
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