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Covini C6W

It was with a large interest in automotive prototyping that Ferruccio Covini founded Covini Engineering in Italy with the aim of constructing static and dynamic automobiles. From Covini's passion for cars and engines came a body of work with a focus on experimentation.

Since Covinis first project, a rebodied 1977 Fiat Meta, he has collaborated with many companies, including Callaway (C7 Corvette) and Cadillac (1993 STS). Of all of his cars, none is more interesting and developed than the 2004 Covini C6W.

In his design, Covini ventured to create a practical sports car with an extra set of front wheels. This distinct concept had been used before on the Tyrell P34, a formula-one car that decreased drag by having smaller wheels and maintained grip by doubling them. Covini explained that the advantage of have four front wheels in a sports car :

- less risk for front tyre deflating
- less risk of aquaplaning
- better braking
- better grip
- better comfort
- better absorbing of frontal impact

The 6CW project first started in 1974 and was developed until it became too difficult to build with the given resources. With more recent financial backing, and newer technologies, such as ABS, the 6CW is finished.

The finalized version of the 6CW will be released at the 2004 Geneva Auto Show where orders will be taken. Expected production is set at six to eight cars a year in a new plant in Verbania.

Written by Richard Owen, edited by Leif Parker

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That is pretty weird looking. Would love to see it with four wheels. ;)
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