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Last week in the 1,000 km of Monza, a Le Mans Series race.

# 73 C5-R catches fire in Monza with two crewman injured

The afternoon session was clouded by a refuelling incident in the pit lane. The Luc Alphand Corvette C5-R #73 caught fire after a fuel hose failure; two Alphand crewmen suffered injuries during the fire. The race direction decided to stop the session in order to secure the quick transportation of the injured crewmen. The session was not restarted.



Yesterday’s fire incident during the refuelling of the Luc Alphand Corvette C5-R left two Alphand crewmen injured. The Le Mans Series has released more information today on the crewmen’s condition. One mechanic suffered lighter burns and will be released from the hospital in a few days. The second crew member suffered more serious second-degree burns and will stay in a specialised Milan hospital. However, the doctors are pleased with his condition and hope to send him home soon for full recovery.

The Alphand team opted to skip the third practise session today. Thanks to Francesco De Filippi, here are some photos from the unfortunate moment at the Alphand pits.


another update:
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