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Beyond the link, could you post the actual thread here as well? (just do an EDIT on your CF post and paste it here)

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Since you guys liked the 63-64 Trailing Arm rebuild I figured I'd post this on the early differentials for those of you who still have one.

For more differential info go to this post.

The 63-64 were different in some ways from the later units. The later units are better, BTW. The carriers were Dana units and not very good at best. I think most were replaced with Eatons by now but there may be some left out there? This one is an early 63 unit dated 1962. It has been rebuilt before and the rebuilder cut some corners doing it,but that another story. It's done right now. It had a 411 eaton carrier with 10-18 spiders in it and richmond gears- not my choice for best results but it worked.
The 4 series carrier was replaced with a custom tuned 3 series with 10-17 spiders and solid steel clutches. A set of now RARE Tom's 373 gears were used.

Here's what it looked like.

Here is the tuned 3-series with new 10-17's tuned and polished.

These housings are narrower then the later units and require more work to set up then the later ones,
( Read:A PITA)

You have to use a special shim set because the master kit shims will not work with these housings. You could bubba it up like the last guy did and hammer in shims that are "close"

These are the 65-79 shims to compare, they run about .220-.250 per side. The early ones use about .050-.090 per side.

The only way I do them is to parallel grind a set of shims to get the backlash dialed in enough to test the pattern. Once I get the pattern dialed in after multiple times of removing and grinding, I grind 2 more shims .005" over per side to preload the carrier bearings and again test pattern.

Here is the LH side with shim in place,bearing cap off

Final Pattern

Final Assembly,note added cap screws in place of the old 5 line hex heads.

I hope you like it and good luck if you're going to do this. spend the money now and do it right and you'll have a better setup then was in there.
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