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I'm a new to Digital Corvettes as well. Just thought I'd pop in and say HEY!
My name is Steve Kuryla. If you are a Mako Shark II Fan, as in the 65 Mako Shark II Prototype that GM never built, then you already know me. What you may NOT know, is that I'm going ahead with plans to build NEW Mako Shark II Corvettes. These cars will be built from NEW MOLDS, and are NOT intended to replace or repair John Silva cars, or anything related to Motion Performance. Although they look very similar, there are MAJOR DIFFERENCES in these new panels.
Currently, Robert Egli from Romania (Actually a Swede living in Romania) has set up a website to follow the first buildup on a 74 Corvette. The original front and rear ends will be documented from mold to first production piece in both video and digital frame format. From there, the tear down of the 74 as the Donor Car will be documented as well, followed by the Mako Shark II build from manufactured pieces out of my molds. ((MOLD CONSTRUCTION will also be documented, in part, with Epoxy Aluminum molding resin and Tooling Gelcoat for longevity and dimensional stability. Initial body panels will be polyurethane resin and glass, Vacuum bagged for strength, and ONE complete Carbon Fiber set will be fabricated, a John Silva Tribute car)). TEN Mako Sharks will be completed as rolling chassis with C5 Suspension parts on a Tube Chassis. The TEN cars will be signed and serialized, with unmistakeable authenticity embedded into the resin and glass as the panels are fabricated.
Those who already have Mako Bodies that were never completed can also apply for body panels to complete their car. For those who have Convertible Mako Shark II cars with only the front end attached, there will be "Removeable Hardtops" fabricated from the same molds, using original GM style hardware and gaskets to attach to the Convertible Corvette rear deck and windshield posts so that owners of Convertibles will be able to complete the Mako Shark II Body on their car, enjoy the complete Mako Shark II look, and still be able to have their Convertilble for days that weather allows open top driving. I"ve had requests from TWO Mako Shark II Owners who wanted "Travel Trailers" for tow behind to match their car. If there is enough interest, I"ll gladly consider doing a limited number. ((For the old timers in the crowd, there were a few fabricators back in the 70s when "Station Wagon" Corvettes were "tolerated" collector's items. These will be similar with updated DOT required additions. The only "trailers" manufactured in my recent memory since then, were a limited number for "Prowler" owners produced by Chrysler )).
After the TEN Signature cars are complete, updates will be considered to include LED Lighting, ((rear slats will have LED brake lights sequentially illuminating)), ZL1 Flares front and back, and possibly C4/5/6 Chassis Retro upgrades as well. Currently the Mako Shark II panels I am building will ONLY fit C3, however, I have a C5 chassis in the shop now that I am working with to modify the panels to fit. C6 is next, with C4 NOT an option other than C4 suspension on a tubular or retrofit C3 chassis. Windshield slope is the only real hurdle. If it doesn't look right, I'll not build it. Z06 is next on the list, and ONE Carbon Fiber car will be built. And of course, motor and transmission modifications will be available on all future builds.
SO far interest has been limited to Romania, Canada, S. Africa, Australia and two places in the U.S. However, once the initial Mako for Robert is built and shipped, documentation will be open to the public, press and hopefully a feature article in Corvette Magazine or one of the other periodicals that cover Vettes.
This project has been a long time coming, and was put on hold due to injuries I sustained in the Persian Gulf Multiple failed fusions and Military Medical Malpractice took it's toll and almost doomed me from pursuing ANY Corvette work whatsoever. I'm "On my feet" as they say, however the wheelchair is not far away just in case. I am VERY happy to be out of it, and back into Resin, Gelcoat, Glass and Paint. Those who participate in Dave Junod's Mako Forum, "YES" it's finally going to happen.
I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Digital Corvette. "KUDOS" to the makers of SPEED BUSINESS.. parts 1, 2 and 3. Got my heart pumping. It's fantastic and I would recommend it to any Corvette nut who has ever wanted to get into the cockpit and "go for it".
I look forward to meeting more of you on-line, and pursuing the American Dream..... CORVETTES!

To the editor, let me know if this "Project" conforms to your ideas stated in the "TECH Assistance" (or whatever the title was)) you wrote about on this website.
Please feel free to email directly: [email protected]

"Save the Wave"...............

Steven M. Kuryla
Chief Warrant Officer (Retired)
U.S. Army Intelligence
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