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Originally Posted by 69MyWay
Stock pump works fine. I couldn't be 100% sure of this until I beat the snot out of my car on the track a few weeks ago with a rack and hydroboost. It didn't fade even once and maintained constant strong power assist on a 100 degree day with wide front tires slinging the car hard around cones.

How did it feel?? good and solid?? was it a steeroids kit?? or you roll your own like I did?? if you did rolll you own, I"d LOVE to see some pix of the brackets, and final rack position/tie rods with engine in car....curious how you solved the problems, also the input linkage, oviously....

and how did the brakes work?? stock except for HB?? or with mods to the calipers also?? which M/cyl.....??

come on now, give it up allready.....

:devil: :D :WTF :cheers:
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