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75 me your stock timing tab

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Any of you guys got a picture of the stock timing tab on a 75 L48.
Im trying to work out if mine is the original and if so why it has no markings :crazy:
I have the serrated edge type but wondered where the 0 deg mark should be....
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When big bird and i set the timing on my 75 back in april we couldn't find the mark at first then we found TWO!! I can't quite recall how we worked it but it took three of us a few hours to work out what was going on.... I think i remember one mark being on the underside when the other was set in the correct position. The timing wasn't bad - we were just checking it and we came across the strange marks... we guessed the guy who rebuilt the engine must have used a wheel from a buick or something... you might ask big bird for more info...
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