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My jaw is literally on the floor at the title and date of this thread.

The ZF6 transmission lived a short life for Corvette. For those that do not remember this transmission used a reverse operating clutch. That is the throughout bearing pulled on the fingers rather than pushed on them. This transmission used a dual mass flywheel that does not exist anymore. Anywhere. And the lightweight solid thing we get makes it hard not to stall the car on launch and makes the ZF6 transmission a very noisy thing.

The optispark driven LT engines were a wash for GM. They fell in this bastard control that GM created and called OBD 1.5. These controllers are out of production, prone to failure, and there is no aftermarket ecu option available that matches the pulses from the optispark distributor. And there is no viable tuning solution available for these ECU's today. But also the optical sensor fails, the bearings that hold the reluctor wheels fail. It was a poor design GM moved away from and never looked back at. Why are you?

Have you considered an LS swap or GDI LT engine? I understand about a purchase cost but there is such a cost for installation and setup and also time. To put so much into something so dead and unsupported means doing anything to it will just be miserable. You know? Like changing the cam. How are you gonna tune that?

With LS and a Tremec you will be able to source parts and tuning solutions into the foreseeable future.

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