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8 throttle body manifold

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Anyone want to comment on this thing. I finally found the source where it was made. Had to go to Australia for that one btw.

hope that i could get the pictures inserted...:huh:
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so no, sorry about can you post pictures here btw ?
Katicor only sells them, but does not produce them, besides they don't have them anymore.

Don't think that they are a copy of the winters setup, because the wateroutlet is different on the winters, plus with the winters setup the bore center distance was quite small so they had to use adapters to get the DCOE carbs on. This manifold has a std spacing in the runners.

I have some good pictures of this setup, you don't find on the net.

Last : winters setups cannot be found for sale anymore..., but they did have some very good features.

The only thing I couldn't quite figure out with this manifold is the direction the injectors are pointing, since the fuel rails are under the throats.
The bore on the winters manifolds used on the GS cars was set up for 58mm webers, not small at all. They are huge, almost siamesed LOL

That's it. DCOE pattern is DCOE pattern, the bore centers are the same distance apart regardless of the bore size.

The winters setups are out there, a month or 2 ago there was 1 on ebay set up for lucas injection (used throttle bodies), it went for over 3K$

Sure, the katicore one has a revised thermsotat housing but for the rest, it's pretty much a copy. just like the offy crossram and edelbrock str-10s are copies of the gm/winters 2x4bbl crossram (z28)
Good picture TT, but it doesn't look like this manifold at all.
The DC&O has 50mm runners, that are quite workable. Based on my heads and maximum inlet through the valves I would need a 46 mm runner, so this would be more than enough.

I was also thinking about using staged injectors, one low down in the manifold spraying on the back of the valve, the other in the troath
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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