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Parts Vendors Beware!

I've owned my black/saddle '84 daily driver for 5 years and finally decided recently that it was time to restore the interior, as well as several engine and exterior items. When I'm done (in a couple of weeks) I will have replaced EVERYTHING inside with new stuff (carpet, dash pieces, weather strips, etc)! I spent over a month on the web (mostly at work--don't tell my boss!) researching where I could get the cheapest parts.

I have compiled and published all of the great deals I found on these parts, prices, and seller's/vendor's contact info on a web site that I call the "82/84 Cross Fire and 84-89 C-4 Restoration Page". I've had nothing but excellent feedback from other 82/84 Cross Fire and 84-89 C-4 owners on other forums about this web page. Other Vette owners are invited to contribute info on the great deals they've found too. This is already a pretty good resource for 82/84 Cross Fire and 84-89 C-4 owners, and if we want to we can make it even better.

Check it out if you like:
...and don't forget to vote if you feel so inclined!

Consumer-to-consumer cheapest parts/greatest deals compilation--why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner?! I'm even thinking about having a 'Seller Spotlight' if any agree to dropping their prices for us. I'm not making any money on this, but I think if this takes off, those who sell our particular parts may want to advertise there.

Any other good ideas?

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