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the large silver one is a shield, it mounts on the bottom of the battery box and the frame. It is a shield for the charging wire to the alternator. The large flap goes on the side of the area between battery box and frame.

it goes in here:

One bolt goes into the crossmember above the partking cable bracket the other into the fiberglass where the battry hold down reinforcement plate is.

The small one in the center goes over the 2 rubber section of fuel lines, connecting the hard lines to the filler neck.

The little rod is a guide for the parking brake cable. it goes on the passenger side on the front side of the rear crossmember. The parking brake cable goes between the crossmember and that little rod where the U bend is.

I recognise the other one but for the life of me, don't remember where it went. Maybe it'll dawn on me.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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