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82 PS Belt Tight Clearance

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I changed all the belts yesterday for the first time and noticed that the PS pulley has about 1/4 inch clearance from the frame. I even had to shave off some rubber from the belt and coat it with diswashing liquid on it to slip it between. Does this mean the motor mounts are worn? If not, what other reason would there be for the PS pulley to be so close.
Does anyone have some experience with this?
Pohtos &/or recommendations appreciated.
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It's the same on my 77 and I have new motor mounts. Art
No big Change but ok

I changes the motor mounts and trans Mount which were all cracked and unfortunately didn't get a whole lot more space for the PS pulley however, I did get enough room to slip a new belt through and used a shorter belt to keep the pulley as high off the frame as I could. ;)
The previous owner had the original motor mounts shimmed with washers :crazy:

When I redid my engine I purchased new mounts less washers, I have the same clearance. The only way I can change my belts is to take out the two bolts in the front of the PS bracket and let it fall a bit, then the belts will slip on and off. Then I re-install the bolts and tighten the belt :thumbsup:
That's interesting, shimming the motor mounts with washers. Not wise but I can understand why. :lookinup: It took me 4 sets of mounts to find some that almost fit. I finally wound up tightening one side and setting all the bolts lose on the other and tightened them all little atta time until all was tight. My guess is that the frame has spread slightly over time.

Anyway, at least I'm confident that the fan and/or PS pully isn't going to tear up the front end. That'd be messy ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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