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So I am trying to assemble a set of seats out of what I have here.

I have 2 power seat bases from my 90, 94 seat backs ( need to fix one) and rough leather (using to test these out)

Anyway, I know what I will do for the recline and it will work with the power pieces from the 90.

The issue I have is when I had the Power bases in the 90 last year the 'drive' for the recline would bother my leg when sitting in the seat, i figured it could be the worn cushions of the 90, but want to do something to keep this from happening with the 94 seats.

I also need to buy a couple Momentary Rocker switches as well. So the seats will be a bit different, if I decide to install them (need new leather first though)

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maybe you could relocate the switch panel?

Like put the recline switch where it would be on the 84'?

I have a powered drivers seat in my 'vette, the switch is in the change jar and controls front and back and tilt(my tilt forward motor is out though) then to adjust the recline( i cant, i have to have the seat all the way back, im 6' 5") its on the left front side.

Just an idea, or relocate them somewhere else to be completley unique, like away from the seat, that would be pretty cool.

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