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As I am in the process of rebuilding my '84 Corvette, I am putting up For Sale numerous parts that I will no longer be needing...
  • Complete CrossFire Air Filter Assembly - $130.00
  • CrossFire Intake Manifold (Original) with Throttle Bodies & Linkage - $400.00
  • Original Heads (Excellent Condition) - $350.00/Pair
  • Valve Covers (Original & Good Condition) - $100.00/Pair
  • Exhaust Headers (Original & Excellent Condition) Includes Heat Shields - $130.00
  • Delco Distributor (Excellent Condition) - $100.00
  • Delco/Bose AM/FM/Cassette Stereo System (Includes Head Unit, 2 Bose Door Speakers, & 2 Bose Rear Speakers (Good Condition) - $400.00
  • Stock ECM (No Modifications) - $100.00
Buyer pays all Shipping...

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You will never sell at those prices. I don't want to mess up your ad here but the CFI systems (manifold, lid, Tb's) usually go for around 150$ to 200$ if you have a pristine one (I had an almost new set w/ all the cad plating still on it and it didn't bring that much), 400$ is way out of the range.

The 462624 lightweight casting, 76cc open chamber smog heads are also worth nowhere near 350$, maybe 50 to a 100$ if you're lucky. No one is looking for a set of non performing smoggers and the torquers, s/r and the likes are about the same for a used set.
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