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85 z51 rims

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Hello ,
i have a 1985 two tone bronze coupe vette and z51 wheels.
One of the wheels is chuncked and will not hold air.
I would like to know if there is anyone i can find one from or
if i have to buy a new set of wheels which would be recomended.

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You can pick up a Z51 rim on Ebay prob fairly easy. Be sure to know which tire its is thought from the seller. 8.5 in the front and 9.5 in the rear I believe. I'd just go ahead and get a whole set. If you want you could find a whole decent set on Ebay and send them to Ecklers for the chrome exchange. You'd recieve a nice chrome set then. :thumbsup:
85's are 16X9.5" front & rear. I have two decent spare wheels, 1 left and 1 right. Which one do you need?

It is my rear drivers side that is broken. there is a donut on it but it needs the wheel. if you are willing to sell me one that would be fantastic
What I have are factory 1984-1985 Z51 option 16x9.5" rims. I do not have what you have pictured in the original post, which are some type of aftermarket rims.
Here is a picture of the type that I have....

PM me an email address if you want pics of the actual right side Z51 16x9.5" rim that I can sell you.
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I have a set of 92 sawblades I'll sell if interested
Did you ever find a replacement for your z51 rim? I have 3 of the same aftermarket rims and am looking for a 4th. Maybe we can work something out?
Those "aftermarket" rims that you posted are actually some rare 3 piece rims made by in an Italian company named Gotti. They cost about $2,500 when new and are now almost impossible to find.

I actually recently purchased a set like these after a year of searching and I am now looking the center caps. If you are interested in selling them please let me know.

I have the exact same rims,they are from American racing, I'm going to sell mine in the spring when I get new ones.

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Which wheels do you plan on replacing them with? In my opinion, the only aftermarket wheels that look "right" on an 80's c4 are either the Gotti or BBS style rims. The rims you have are very rare American Racing replicas. I was actually going looking to get a set just like yours on ebay but I was outbid. Luckily, I was able to get an authentic set of Gotti's locally although they need refinishing. I plan on having them plated to look like the ones in this forum:

or possibly like this depending on what color I decide to repaint my car:
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