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Evening DC, I know it's been a while. It is nice to see familiar faces around, hope everyone is keeping safe amid this mess....
I do come to you for help. My 94 coupe is down, and I can't figure out the problem. Earlier this year I was dealing with a high idle. The car wanted to run with an idle from 1750 to 2000 rpm. I changed the IAC, and the TPS. Got the high idle problem solved, she sits right down and runs at 550 to 650 nice choppy, in a good way.
Oh hell, now my 4L60E doesn't want to act right. Shifting out of 1st gear at 3500 rpm, 2nd to 3rd is no cake walk either. Regardless of throttle % it won't shift till at or over 3000 rpms. I have yet to get her into 4th. Reading the FSM I see I need to put the ECM into learn more via Vetronix Tech 1A..... WTF, that thing is upwards of $1500.00 when you can find a good one. All that for a TPS?....
I need to ask the community of anyone else has faced such a repair and how they got around learn more with the ECM. I pulled codes today and did get 22 this is the TPS. When we pulled the information off the spreadsheet it's voltage went from .23 to 4.8 volts during cycle. Is that enough to put the car into limp mode, and is there a way to verify "limp mode" .......
OK time to call it for the night.
Thanks DC

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