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'95 Coupe with SYS flashing

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I pulled the codes by shorting pin 12 to pin 4. Got the following:

C 13
11 13 (or maybe that's a H 13)?

- - -


- - -


- - -

My question is do I have a "DTC # 13" Bank #1 Heated Oxygen Censor #1 Circuit problem?

Or is it something else?
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You Are Correct

I am sure its my "Driver Information Center" switch(s).

I started pushing the switches and the problem went away, it did return but when I messed with the switches it went away. I now know what to work on. (Just need a bigger hammer)

Question - On these forums the DTC codes for a 1995 Vette shows a code 13 to be Bank #1 Heated Oxygen Sensor #1 Circuit:

Where did you get the codes that showed the problem to be with the "Drivers Information Center?
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