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95 LT1 in a 92

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Hey guys! I searched, but I couldn't figure out really waht to search for.

Anyway, I've got an LT1 from a 95, and I want to put it in my 92. I noticed, however, that the clutch at the very least is different. Is there something different in the engine that requires the different clutch? They didn't change to internal balance or anything, right? I should be ok to do this?


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Oh, I wasn't very clear, was I? :smack

Ok, the full story is my 92 needs a new clutch, and an engine workover to be right as rain. I found a 95 LT1, a shop motor that's been started up, but not run. Looking around for clutches, there's a difference in the 92/93 parts and the 94-96 "Kits" at places like Eckler's, or Centerforce, but it's difficult ot tell what the difference is. I did see something about not being able to use the later version with the dual mass flywheel, but I can't seem to find that reference again.

So I'm at an impass as to what year kit I buy. I'm assuming that the flywheel on back, etc. will bolt right up, which would mean I'd use a 92 clutch. But assuming ain't knowing.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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