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Aloha gang,
Car is a 02 6speed. Im pretty sure the a/c system has never been touched. All the fittings looked unmarked, when i did the ghetto leak check. ( water and liquid soap), the a/c still cools the car down, after about 10 mins, but its not as cold as should be. Going to top off the system with a can of 134r from NAPA, any tips other than the directions on the can?

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imo that is really the worst thing you can do.

To start with, what do you consider cold enough?
what was the ambient air temp?
what was the air outlet vent temp?
what are the line pressure readings, high/low side?
how dirty is the condenser?

The reason I ask these questions is that as an automotive A/C tech, many things can affect a/c syetem performance.

Realistically you will only get about a 35 degree temp drop from ambient air temp to outlet vent temp- this is close to the limitation of the system design/size.

If you have do not have enough refrigerant, based on high side/low side pressure readings, you can grenade most of the a/c system components with excessive refrigerant. If you are low in refrigerant, it is because it leaked out. the a/c system is a closed system, and as a result the refrigerant never needs to be changed and will only need to be recharged if it has leaked out (due to a broken component). By using the canned refrigerant, you also run the risk of introducing non-condensable gas to the system which the filter/dryer will not be able to get rid of (the filter/dryer is only good for 1 charge and needs to be replaced each time the system is open to the air). There is also the risk of being fined by the EPA- it is a violation of the clean air act to recharge a leaking a/c system other than to place a test charge in the system to find the leak.

If the a/c condenser-in front of your radiator- is dirty, it will not function properly resulting in decreased system performance.

There could also be an issue with the compressor, evaporator, or several other components.

There could also be an issue with the compressor cycling on and off, which would prevent the system from operating efficiently.
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