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A Mold Wheels

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i was talking with a guy on CF about the A-Molds......and we couldn't remember how many offsets they had for them.....i thought there was one for the ZR-1....and then the Grand Sport Coupes used the same wheel with the fender flares....and they had a different offset for the Grand Sport this correct?
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Re: Re: A Mold Wheels

-=Jeff=- said:
GM made 4 styles, 3 in Silver, 4 in Black, and all 17"

there was an 8.5" in both colors.. not sure of the back space

there was a 9.5" in both colors with a 56mm back space

there was a 17x11 in silver with a 36mm back space (ZR1)

there was a 17x11 in black with a 50mm back space (GS)
thanks jeff...
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