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As a political junkie, and diehard Republican, I am keeping my eyes on the radar for rising talent in the GOP. I'm hoping some of the new blood turns out to be future presidential material. I've learned a lot about Marco Rubio, the new Senator from Florida, and like what I see so far. Here is a new article about another possibility, Susana Martinez, the new Governor of New Mexico. Nice article introducing her on a more national stage.

Martinez has been on her own road of self-discovery. It's ironic that one of the GOP's brightest stars says she didn't even know she was a Republican until she ran for district attorney of Dona Ana County in 1996. She and her husband were visiting a Republican friend who asked them a series of questions to gauge their values. She had always assumed she was a Democrat. But her support for lower taxes, smaller government, gun rights, welfare reform, restrictions on abortion and other conservative causes told her that she belonged elsewhere.
"When we left," she recalled, "we looked at each other and said, 'Wow, we're Republicans. Now what?'"

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