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Not sure if this is a general topic>? Just something that crossed my path today. Now I live in Calif Smog law HELL.I own 8 vettes 78s to 09s.Has anyone heard of this new law that will come into affect 2012or 13 it is calledAB2289. Now when your vette or any sport car has to be smoged insteat of going on the rollers and a sniffer, they are going to plug into yourOBD-11 emissions Monitor and see if you changed the codes in placed in by factory. SO if you change your cam,air cleaner, headers, and even put a blower thats carb leagal and the and had a tune or even not and codes don't match factory you have a smog eleagle car. Also they will do a visuale CK..Replys would be nice to here. If this needs to be put in another collum Please let me know sorry about my spelling did not have spell CK on when it was typed.. Thank You One vette owner to another:huh::surprised
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