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I’m for it. You have done a great job in getting the look right and as mention before the advertisement would hopefully not overpower the site. Second, I would like to see an open discussion on the forum if a member receives bad service or has received a faulty part. As a Moderator I won’t be the first to lock this type of thread unless it gets out of hand. Forum members should also be aware that the opposite is also true. If you receive outstanding service this should also be posted so other forum members understand the level of service a company has. The good and the bad should be posted which brings up that we should create another forum section so post can be placed into it and not all over the site. If someone wants to rant or praise a vendor it should be done in one place - one section.

It’s not the advertisement that makes a great site; it’s the members on it. We do have some great members here so far.

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