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If you decide to accept advertising, you won't here any complaints from me.

I would think that most all Vette owners are pretty discerning folks, i.e....we expect a lot and are pretty picky. At times we can be azzholes.

Purchases from an established company that result in any problems with the transaction/material is between the purchaser and the vendor. Digital is not the seller, nor is an endorser of the advertiser, the same as any radio station, newspaper and or magazine who accepts money for advertising is not an endorser of those products. This forum cannot become involved in disputes. If I buy tires from XYZ tire co. that has an ad in the Sunday paper and the tires fail, do I call the newspaper to mediate? NO. Same should go here.

Just my .02. Patrick, so far you have driven this site with a steady hand. The ultimate decision is yours..obviously. Thanks for asking for our input.
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