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Re: That looks wider top to bottom....

Roger said:
The graphics guy keeps trying to sell me on two stripes that together make the width of your stripe. Then he mentioned stripes down low between the wheels. Sounds too much like a ford to me. any opinions on this are welcome, but it kind of bothers me.
Go with what you like. I still think the General had the right idea making the stripe for the GS. It's solid and complete. Nothing to break it apart or any gaps to take away from its "intensity".

I gave the guy that did mine all the pictures and specs I could find. He asked to keep them at the end for those customers asking for custom jobs. (he didn't know about the paint scheme) Maybe your painter is the same. Just hasn't seen one yet and he's just used to the ss stripes.

Don't let them sell you on anything. really decide on what you want cause there's no going back.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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