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Alarm system malfunction

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When I put my recently purchased 1997 into drive the power locks seem to lock properly. When I put the car in park the locks do not release and as a result I have to manually push the electonic unlock button. When I open the door the alarm sounds. In addition, when standing outside the car whenit's parked I can hear what sounds like relay switches going off in the door but the locks are doing nothing. Any ideas?
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It sounds like you don't have your option set to unlock the doors when the car is turned off.
You have to go into the DIC and go thru the options to see if it's turned on or off.
It also sounds like you have the fob set to auto lock the doors when you are in range with the fob.
You should have a slide switch on your fob to turn that on and off.
i dont think c5s have the fob your talking about

but i could be misreading it:huh:
My 99 did,but not sure with the 97 being the first year of the C5:huh:
But I do know the DIC has a option to turn on and off certain options like unlock both doors or just the driver :D
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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