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alignment help in MD/VA

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My dilemma is this:

I lowered my car (2002 coupe) on stock bolts. I brought the car in to Mr. Tire for an alignment. The steering wheel was off to the left. I brought the car back and they said that it was straight. It wasn't. I have driven the car about 5000 miles since and I just brought the car to a chevy dealer (winegardner). They realigned the car and the steering wheel was still off to the left. I brought the car back and they are now telling me that they can't get the wheel straight. They said their equipment is outdated and that I need to find someone that has the latest equipment.

Does anyone know who would be able to help me?

The car has the CLB .. would that be part of the problem .. the wheel not locking?

Thanks, Paul
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Find a goodyear tire store. most of them have 4 wheel laser alignment equiptment. costs about $46
The problem is most likely that they did not add weight to the driver's seat when they did the alignment.

I just used the latest and greatest Hunter machine to align my C5 and have the same problem you do.

I tried to get a shop to re-align my car this morning but when I explained that they would need to do it with me in the driver's seat unless they had a tech that weighed 280 lbs, they looked at me like I was an idiot. It took me 2 weeks to decide to allow someone else to touch my car. I left without allowing them to even write the work order.

Some of the left wheel may be due to road crown.

Call a shop that does high end wheels and tires to see who they use for alignment. Also, post a thread in your region and someone may have a good resource.

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Competent vette shop in your area

I would take my car to Tony's in Gaitherburg MD. If they can't get it right, you're sol !!!! I've been a customer of their's for 4 vettes now.

See Tony or Keith. You won't be disappointed.

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