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Alignment problem??

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I recently bought a 2003 c5 complete with a "whump whump" noise from left side rear when driving straight. Nosie goes when turning even slightly to th right. The dealer says it is tire nosie from the brand new pirrelli p zero's. I'm not so sure. Any ideas?
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I would have a tire dealer look at it. Does not sound normal to me. let us know how you come out with this.
Does it go away if you brake (while going in a straight line)? If so, it may be the early sign of a wheel bearing failure. As they loosen, the brake hardware may "rub funny"... just a thought.

Also, jack up the rear and wiggle the tire "in and out"... Looking at the tire lika a clock face, if there is play between 12 and 6 o'clock, it may be a ball joint issue... if iit has play at 9 and 3, it may be a tie rod end getting sloppy.

Good luck.

This weekend she gets jacked up and I'll wiggle it in and out! She drives so well even with the noise (spelled correctly this time), best car I've owned including 560SEL merc and 750iL Beemer. The dealer was told to do whatever was needed to her so cannot understand why they could not fix the problem. Too lazy maybe.

My daily drive is an Australian Holden sold under a GM badge in the Middle East. She is a 2004 Caprice SS with the same engine as the Corvette except only 325 bhp. She is hammered daily, drives extremely well and has 260,000 kms on her (around 200,000 miles). Totally reliable but with oil changes at 3,000 km on the dot plus a dose of STP. She is why I bought the Corvette, same famly.

A word of warning regarding free flow oiled air filters to you guys over there. They are frowned upon here as they let some dust past them. "Some" is way too much. Dust wears an engine out very quickly and you will not know until it's too late.
I had one fitted to the Caprice for a short while until I got my knuckles rapped by the Aussie GM engineers!
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