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I need to find a VIN from a Yellow 2009 GT1 Edition (NON Z06 or a CONVERTABLE)

We need this VIN to search for a specific part number for a partial stripe package for a project car we are building.

If anyone has a VIN for this exact type let me know. I have already tried eBay and some other search engines and have found GT1's but not in this specific style.

Yellow Non Z06 or Convertable GT1

Thanks in advance!!!

Here is a pic of the exact style/color Im talking about.


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There is a dealer selling the entire stripe package on ebay. Not too crazy about it...but I guess I look at it that the VINs that are unique to all the gt1 cars will prevent someone from trying to "doll up" a non-gt1 car and sell it as a real one in the future.

If all you need is a VIN to order by...

Take the Ebay VIN...its for I don't mind posting it here:


Now simply switch the last 2 digits around until you hit a coupe VIN. All of the yellow cars had the "3" as a precursor to it being a yellow GT1.

If I remember my numbers right VINs 1-3 were an example of each my guess is that 300001 will net you a coupe you can use.

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Kevin McCaffrey posted this in another thread. An almost complete list of the GT1 VINs I believe. This is perfect if the P/N is wrong, we can find it in 2 seconds with one of these VINs

VIN STYLE COLOR Tran NAV Dual Roof Canadian
1G1YG26W195400003 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26E995400001 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG36W295400002 CONV'T BLACK 6AT Yes
1G1YG26E295300001 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W595300003 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG36W695300002 CONV'T YELLOW 6AT Yes No
1G1YG26W795300004 COUPE YELLOW No No
1G1YG26W395400004 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26W595400005 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26EX95300005 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG36WX95400006 CONV'T BLACK 6AT Yes
1G1YG36W195400007 CONV'T BLACK 6MT No Yes
1G1YG26W095300006 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E395300007 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E595300008 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG36W995300009 CONV'T YELLOW 6MT Yes No
1G1YG26W095400008 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26E395300010 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W495300011 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E795300012 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W295400009 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26E995300013 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E295300015 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W995400010 COUPE BLACK 6MT Yes Yes
1G1YG26E195400011 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W395300016 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26W595300017 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26W795300018 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26W995300019 COUPE YELLOW 6AT Yes
1G1YG26W595300020 COUPE YELLOW 6AT Yes
1G1YG26W795300021 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26W995300022 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG36W395300023 CONV'T YELLOW 6AT Yes No
1G1YG26E395400012 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26E595400013 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W295300024 COUPE YELLOW 6AT No No
1G1YG26W695400014 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26E995400015 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26E095400016 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG36W795300025 CONV'T YELLOW 6AT No No
1G1YG26E795300026 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E995300027 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E095300028 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E295400017 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26E295300029 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W895300030 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E295300032 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E495300033 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W595300034 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E895300035 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W995300036 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E195300037 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E395300038 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W495300039 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E195300040 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E395300041 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E595300042 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG36W995300043 CONV'T YELLOW 6MT No Yes
1G1YG26W895300044 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E295300046 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W395400018 COUPE BLACK 6MT No No
1G1YG26W595400019 COUPE BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W195400020 COUPE BLACK 6MT No No
1G1YG26E495400021 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26E695400022 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W795400023 COUPE BLACK 6AT Yes No
1G1YG26W995400024 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG36W695300047 CONV'T YELLOW 6MT No Yes
1G1YG26W095400025 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26E395400026 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W495400027 COUPE BLACK No No
1G1YG36W895300048 CONV'T YELLOW 6AT No No
1G1YG36WX95300049 CONV'T YELLOW 6MT No No
1G1YG26E495300050 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG36W895300051 CONV'T YELLOW 6AT Yes No
1G1YG26E895300052 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26EX95300053 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E195300054 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E395300055 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W495300056 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26W695300057 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E995300058 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E095300059 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E795300060 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E995300061 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E095300062 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E295300063 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E495300064 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W595300065 COUPE YELLOW 6AT Yes Yes
1G1YG26W695400028 COUPE BLACK 6MT Yes
1G1YG26E995400029 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26E595400030 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26E795400031 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W895400032 COUPE BLACK 6AT Yes No
1G1YG26E095400033 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W195400034 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26E495400035 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG36W895400036 CONV'T BLACK 6MT Yes
1G1YG26W795400037 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG36W195400038 CONV'T BLACK 6MT Yes
1G1YG26W795300066 COUPE YELLOW 6AT Yes Yes
1G1YG36W195300067 CONV'T YELLOW 6MT Yes No
1G1YG26E195300068 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W295300069 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26W995300070 COUPE YELLOW 6MT Yes Yes
1G1YG26E195300071 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG36W395400039 CONV'T BLACK 6AT Yes
1G1YG26W795400040 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26EX95400041 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W095400042 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG36W595400043 CONV'T BLACK 6AT Yes
1G1YG26W495400044 COUPE BLACK 6MT No No
1G1YG26E795400045 Z06 BLACK 6MT
1G1YG26W895400046 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26W195400048 COUPE BLACK
1G1YG26E395300072 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26W495300073 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26W695300074 COUPE YELLOW
1G1YG26E995300075 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
1G1YG26E295300077 Z06 YELLOW 6MT
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