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So here's the back story. I've got a handle on a pretty cheap low mileage 2016 C7 Corvette but it's a 1LT. It's an A8 which is what I was wanting but... it's a 1LT. No HUD, no mag-ride, not much of options from what I can tell by the VIN.

I plan on putting a blower on the car almost immediately and will probably end up redoing the suspension at some point anyway (not sure if the z06 setup is a swappable option or just doing coilovers like I've done on my other cars). I HATE that there is no HUD on the car because I had that on a 2000ish Grand Prix GTP and loved it and the new HUD looks great but I'm getting this car for below 40k.

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spending other peoples money, now with free unneeded bonus content. .

Most guys are pretty happy when they are riding home in a newly purchased vette, I doubt you would be the exception. You know that already.

I do understand wanting to get your goals met at every point in forming your buying decision, and perhaps my info gathered from a c5 perspective might be useful.

First off, the only guy I ever knew who was unhappy with his new C7 was a guy who was trying to sell because the car is very fast, he travels a lot on business, and has a seventeen year old male at home.

I have to admire a guy who is careful with his kids situations. I still regret asking my little guy to choose between some little toy men for his micro machines, when he was too young to handle the situation , and started crying with frustration. THen I gave him something to really cry about, right there in toys r us, just kidding.

( In high school , I was in class with a guy who was the lot boy at the local chevy lot. It took him three years to build up the trust to the day they flipped him the keys to a new sting ray and sent him off to get some parts. THs was a turning point he had worked toward for years, a big deal event where he worked. He wrapped the car around a telephone pole a couple of blocks away. ) I might not be real informative, but try to bring something.

I asked my alignment guy, top guy in the area, about putting the electric shocks back on my old car,only because I like all the dials to work.

He said don't bother with that obsolete stuff, get coil overs. IN reading on the subject, GM was real happy they shortened the response time over the shocks from my generation, but all the fancy stuff still happens after the first hit. I always read that it now works well. I never had it, so wouldn't miss it.

Most guys with my car don't consider keeping the mag suspension , simply because of costs, roughly 1200 fun tickets, each.

This might effect your buying decision, if you plan on keeping the car until the shocks wear out. IN my case the new magnetic shocks would be a great percentage of the used car price. I'm not restoring a show car , it's lowered on bilstein HD shocks. THe lowered car and rougher ride is said to break the mirror support in the heads up display, by the way.

I have a heads up display, with the common broken plastic mirror support inside. On the C5, guys put them in other C5's that didn't come with them all the time. Most report no problem, but they do come from the factory with a dedicated windshield to better support the projection. I would expect a stricter criteria for satisfaction in a newer, more expensive car. you might check if a special windshield is suggested before you make final plans about a heads up self install

I hope this gives you some general food for thought. I always have a budget to consider, but my primary purchase goal is always first in mind.

I enjoy a bargain as well as the next guy, yet getting the best deal in town is seldom among my primary purchase goals. Money comes and goes, buying almost what you want because of the price incentive will stick with you long after the price advantage is history. I've done that with clothes before, buying a shirt because it was on sale, and I needed one, but never wearing the second string stuff much.

P.s. Hughes aircraft used to be in my area. GM bought them because they were so far behind in electronics, and one of the first benefits was the heads up display , straight out of jet fighter technology. At the time Toyota was the only other manufacturer in the world with a heads up display, but it was no competition , I checked one, blurry.

Once GM harvested the tech they sold the company. Probably for the best, hughes ran it as a kind of hobby, not for profit, primarily. When GM bought them , guys were wondering the halls, looking for projects to get into, trying to be useful all of a sudden.

Still , I wish they would have kept some of the engineers, the electronics on my old car are nothing special, with temperamental designs that take a set so that not every electronic repair works on every car. Guys commonly re build the alternator forever because of the difficulty of getting a replacement to be accepted into the circuit.
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