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BubbleHead said:
I wonder if the Discovery Channel instigates anything between the 2. :surprised
Most likely. They want to push their "chemistry". I enjoy American Chopper and I anxiously await the new series "American Hotrod". They kind of gave us a taste of it a while back when they filmed the blue and yellow street rod being built by Boyd Coddington. Although I enjoy (to a point) the banter that is exchanged between Paul Sr. and Paulie, what I enjoy most is watching metal being turned into fine pieces of art. The process of fabrication to me is what is most appealing. The arguing seems to be more an more staged. It is still one of my favorite shows.

Monster Garage/Monster House........well, mostly I ask myself "why??" when I watch it. I would enjoy more watching Jesse back at his shop cranking out some custom bikes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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