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and now...who WOULD HAVE won....

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To prove this was a real deal and one of the many reasons why I enjoy representing Corvette for EVS, is no games. Just great times and great values. We understand Corvette enthusiasts and it's a blast working with all of you!

We recently sent out a mailer to local folks giving them an opportunity to win a Z06 Corvette!:surprised the winning # was mailed but never redeemed. :thud: The insurance company just sent us the winning # and our best guess is the winner would have been in the Brookfield , WI area.

The winning # was 09279!

The closest folks we had were;

Kim Ehrensberger /Hartford,WI - #09228

Robert Burrow / Brookfield, WI - #09253 and

Carleton Zeiler / Brookfield, WI - #09288 ONLY 9 AWAY FROM A WIN...whew!

Our new car values continue and we can assist no matter state you are in. Look for more fun to come from your friends at EVS-Random Lake.

Thank-you for your support and continued business considerations.

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Hey I didn't get one Rick...:huh:
Hey I didn't get one Rick...:huh:
I know, sorry bro.....each state is weird...this was a limited WI only deal. Just might do something else in the future.
I've driven thru Brookfield, WI. a few times. Is that close enough? :laughing:
Rick.....can you see this one?

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From now on you should make sure i get a mailer. I would love it.
Rick, since no one else seems to want the Z06 I guess I can take it off your hands for you.:D
Rick, please include me on the next car giveaway! Please?:excited:
Rick.....can you see this one?

thanks Jim, at the hotel now and not in a firewall and can see the pic....
cool stuff!:D :D :D
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