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Hi guys,

Finished up another car this morning for a great customer of ours that is leaving for the HotRod Power Tour 2007 tomorrow with a much improved Corvette Z06.

I did not get a chance to get pictures of the car as he didn't have it detailed yet so I'll let him post some pics from the tour.

VY 2006 Z06
LG Pro Long Tube headers with high flow cats
Stock Z06 mufflers
G7X4 cam package
Exedy Twin disk clutch
LG Super Cool Radiator
LG Professional install and dyno tune

I am sure Randy will be more than happy to share driving impressions after the tour.

Thanks again Randy, and don't hurt'em to bad on the Tour :thumbsup:

For a write up direct from Randy see:

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100 rwhp from a cam, tune, and lt's? nice #'s

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That's awesome... I actually called you guys about doing my car. I have IPS here in town putting on Long tubes and an X pipe from you guys as well as an electric water pump and 160 stat and of corse a tune.

We are just waiting on the headers wich should be here next week some time.

I am toying with the idea of either a head and cam package or the new vortech kit but I have heard that 550 RWHP is about as much as the stock bottom end can handle.

I race my car every weekend and will push it to the limit so I don't want a setup that will just grenade.

What will be more reliable and more streetable? Vortech or your heads and cam package? I think I read that the vortech wouldn't void my warranty completely but I am sure the heads and cam will.
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