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Another bad idea!

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is that well roasted engine oil puddled under that vette?, or over cooked trans fluid?
grapeknutz said:
I think it wet it self!:surprised
:laughing: :cheers: :( :laughing: hee heee....must of been afraid of showing it's face after the make over...
he he,thats the car from the "A-TEAM",they have reruns of that show every day in hawaii and i was watching it 10 minutes ago.thats the same car.:nuts: :nuts: someone probably bought it and lowered it,and put a stroker motor with a supercharger,18s all around....,never mind.Todd.
Yea thats face mans car The A-team rocks:partyon:
To bad the van looked better with the stripe
Now that really is a bad idea. :(
For 4 guys that were always on the run they drove vehicles that you couldn't hide anywhere. It's like I got a van with a spoiler and a red stripe but no one will notice that I just blew up a barn or something. Personally I think George Peppard did a better job in Banacek
Patrick96LT4 said:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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