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It's probably the same question that's been asked all over the web (yes I've read for hours and still don't have a good clue). Here's some facts:

-previously owned 2005 C6 Base (steering column lock got the car stuck in a parking garage for 2 weeks...2005 never again). Absolutely loved the car though

-All I really care about is a targa top. I'm way too tall for most roadster type convertibles and the ones I can fit in, I'd rather not spend $4k to fix the best part about the car when it breaks.

-Because of the above, I don't care about an extra 0.5 seconds in the quarter mile or getting a raw z06 experience

-This will be a second car. Granted, it will be stored outside under a car cover and probably driven once per week.

-Both generations have their own problems but I'd rather not spend my weekends fixing BS

-Budget is maybe $20k. Cheaper is always better but not if I'm walking into a disaster

-Never sat in/smelled/touched a C5

-I know this is sacrilegious but I like the C6 styling better than the C5, I just don't think it's worth paying somewhere around $6k+ for

-I really appreciate HIDs and a nicer interior but give zero value to navigation systems

-Manual transmission only

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I just want to say that I absolutely love my 2000 C5 Corvette..

She is on C6 rims. But I always loved the curves of a C5. And the fender above the front tire. Sick on a C5, But the C6 was a bit taller..

I still have the stock headlights in my C5. I think we make these cars awesome in a different way :laughing:..

And all of it has been dialed into perfection. I like to believe I am a bit faster than a LS3 C6 in it's stock form..

Even got a video of it on the dyno recently:

C6 is better. But there is nothing wrong with a C5. Especially if you know what you're doing. Here is another incredibly awesome C5:
And another:

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read your list, could possibly be improved.

You will get more responses if you ask a question. your list of opinions , the facts you gathered, does not invite a comment or ask for a response.

Still, I thought it much better than the list of top ten seat covers found elsewhere on this site. Way to go.
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