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another first

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Going to a show tommorow and they also have dragracing.. BUT.... Its bracket racing and ive only ran it during grudge matches never had to dial-in :lookinup: here is one of my time slips :D if you were me what times would you dial-in
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Good Luck!
You should get to make a couple of runs to set you time. If you can run the 12.191 every run I would dial in a a 12.1. you can not run faster than your dial in.

The fastest I got it was 12.01 at 117. I was thinking if I dialed in a 12.0 i should be good to go. But now that run I had my drag radials on backward haha!! I dont know if that would make a .01 difference or not. If i run a 12.0 and i dialed in a 12.0 I will be ok? Like I said I never ran brackets before. So it will be a first. heres the flyer to the show

looks like there should be some pretty cool cars...
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Let us know how you do...:thumbsup:
I guess it will have to wait a bit :(

It rained on and off all day. So I gave up on racing and found a show close by. Won 1st in my class and I won another BEST of PAINT woohoo. But it goes tommorow to ECS for the 3.73's I really didnt want to race it again till they were installed anyways. So if no rain hopefully Ill get there next Friday and say HELLO 11"S :partyon:
Congrats on the show:thumbsup: waiting to hear the results of your new gears.
You Da Woman:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
heres the skinny

Cost 2006 for new gears and axels.Left the shop and engine light came on its running way to lean now and redlining at 120. They wanted another 500 to take it out for 2 hours driving it to tune it :crazy: I called the Vette doctors got it in on Monday and they just need to run it on the dyno to tune it. plus only 299 which I thought should have been in with the gears??? Said on their site they tune it along with the gears for that price they should have chromed the gears...:WTF
nothing but headaches

ran into a few problems after the gears were installed well as soon as I pulled out from the shop. Engine light came on and tranny went by by AGAIN!!! By the time I got turned around and headed back they were closed and all gone for the night fun now I gotta drive this back to Pa. So the next week I drove it to the vette dr's he just dumped the program back in it they done before to it and engine light came off ( it was running really lean) last shop had it maxed out ??? they didnt charge me anything for that, gotta love those guys they rock... But I still had tranny issues so he wouldnt run it on the dyno nor did I want them to he got the engine light off thats what I was worried about at that moment... Well on the way back from new york tranny temps were high like 235 OUCH!!! so just stopped a bit and let it cool down. I noticed it was getting hotter at 50-60 mph once I got off the highway and hit the smaller towns the temp went down to 219. Right now its at my friends shop. The one who installed the procharger. He is building my tranny. Im making a list of shops who f%^&ed up my car. And the ones that treated her like the goddess she is. LOL Ive ran into to many shops along the way that mess up your car try to hide it, dont tell you they messed it up at all, break things that I know werent broke and try to blame it on my milage????, Last time I took it to the body shop they didnt hook the speakers up in my door, lost a peice of the door, and cracked something.. Well they are fixing that. after the tranny. LOL Its been a fun summer with the vette so far. Atleast I won a few shows befoe this all happened :(
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